Thursday, July 4, 2013

So a few days ago I mentioned the most beautiful paper I have ever held in my hands. Don't you want to know what paper I'm talking about??
It's this one by Alison Kreft for Webster's pages. I thought it was a pretty paper when I saw it online, but seriously, in real life, it is 10x better. The fact that it's SUPER high quality, thick cardstock weight paper makes it even more luscious. When I held
it, I actually said to Dan that it was too beautiful for me to ever want to use. It's just one of those paper that you want to frame, just like that, you know?
But of course, about 5 minutes later, I was proven wrong. I looked up at my board of pictures I want to scrap, and there were two of Burano, one of my favorite places that I'd visited in Venice. Burano is a little island that's known for its handmade lace and its colorful, even neon colored houses. There are two versions of the story of why the houses are painted this way:
1. So that when fishermen came home really late at night, in the dark, they'd be able to tell which house was theirs, because apart from the colors, the houses look quite similar.
2. So that when people got really drunk at night, they would still be able to tell which house was theirs.
You can choose which one to believe ;)

Anyway, a place with old, quaint, and colorful houses? It's like this paper was MADE just for a scrapbook page like this!! So I went ahead, being strong even though a part of me still didn't want to cut into that gorgeous paper (I cut a part out from behind where my picture goes, just to save a tiny bit of it!).

I'm not sure if I did quite enough justice to such a beautiful place and such a beautiful paper, but I guess that's alright because in the end, I still got my memories and thoughts down, and that's what's most important, right? :)

Have a lovely July 4th to the Americans out there!!

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