Friday, September 6, 2013

Things have been nothing short of crazy, both at work, in my personal life, and creatively! I never knew I could have so many things going on when I'm not even in classes!

I work at a textbook publishing company, so we are well in the midst of the back to school rush right now. This is awesome for the company,  because this means lots of sales, but it also means that it's a lot more work for the people who have to fulfill orders - and this includes me.

In my personal life, there are SO many birthdays in the month of September - this includes my own (whaaaaat, I'm no longer going to be a teenager!?!? How did that happen....), my boyfriend's, and my sister's, just to name a few. This means presents to prepare and celebrations to be had!

Creatively, I've been making lots of projects for my design teams and for my Etsy (the first Sweet Stamp Shop reveal that I'll be participating in will be September 10th! Mark your calendars!!), but I've also been working on a lot of design work to sponsor some blogs - I'll update you whenever this happens so you can check it out!

In other news, I've been thinking long and hard and I figure it's finally time for me to make a Twitter and an Instagram... yeah, it's amazing that I'm 19 and have survived this long without either. But alas, I've decided it would be great to get myself out there more and to increase my online presence, so I'm finally doing it! When this happens, I'll host a little giveaway here, so stay tuned for that! :)

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