Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It is getting dangerously close to Christmas! I say dangerously because some of us (ahem) might not be 100% prepared with presents, decorating, crafting, and all that good stuff. During busy weeks like this one, I am so happy that I didn’t decide to do a December project like December Daily. I just don’t think I ‘m cut out for that long-term kind of planning and commitment, haha. For those of you who are doing it though, I applaud you!! Have you been able to keep up with it?

I got to a good start last night with some present wrapping, complete with handmade paper bows inspired by Paige Evans’s tutorial. Here’s a little peek that I posted last night:

Since I’m always seasonally out of fashion when it comes to scrapbooking, I have a few Thanksgiving layouts to share with you today. I really don’t stress about being a bit “behind” because that kind of just takes the fun out of things, don’t you think?

For my first layout, I used my absolute favorite picture from my time in Austin.

The story behind it is pretty funny – we went out for a walk and to take pictures, but I didn’t have a tripod and I wanted a picture with the both of us… so I ended up putting my phone in one of my shoes and that’s why I’m only standing on one foot in the picture ;)

For my embellishments, I used Dear Lizzy stickers but also used twine, inspired by a recent GlitterGirl video.

Love these big, but still light and subtle, alphas from Glitz Design. They fit perfectly under my photo!!

For my second layout, I selected a few pictures that I took in a beautiful garden we visited. It was hard to narrow it down to two because it was such a beautiful place and I took tons of pictures… but I will definitely by scrapping more photos from the garden another time!

I stitched around my photos to give them a subtle frame, and then punched some butterflies, which was appropriate since the garden had a butterfly trail! :)

This layout was really quick and easy, with the simple grid style I’ve been using a lot lately.

Have you been scrapping any holiday events? If you have any tips for doing so, please share with me in the comments!!

One last thing before I leave – going back to getting things done in time, if you’re still in need of some Christmas/holiday cards, I have a bunch in stock at my Etsy store – they’ll only be available until the end of the week, as I’ll be going home next week. And for my special blog readers… I’m offering a promo code to get 10% off your order!! Just use HOLIDAY13 on any order this week!! It’s one less thing to worry about completing, and you’ll still have special, 100% handmade cards for friends and family!!

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