Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It seems like I've been on the hunt for envelopes that are perfect for those of us who make handmade cards. Since I don't use card blanks that come with matching envelopes, I'm always in need of envelopes. Usually, handmade cards have more dimension and require a sturdier envelope than the ones you usually get in bulk. And, after you've spent so much time and effort for a card, don't you want a nice home for it??

I used to handmake envelopes out of my own cardstock, using a stencil, tracing, cutting, and gluing... but it wasn't long before I got sick and tired of this tedious method. Then I bought a pack of envelopes from Amazon, but was very disappointed by the flimsy quality. It seemed that wherever I looked online, most envelopes were the same thickness as printer paper, OR I had to pay an extreme premium for higher quality envelopes. Then, finally, I came across the website that had the perfect solution for me.

Here's a comparison of envelopes off of Amazon and those from It's hard to show in photo, but you can see even from this picture that the top one looks much smoother and more opaque.

Oh, but I also must mention the BEST feature of this website - they send you THREE free samples of whatever you want!!! I tried three different envelopes and found that this one was my favorite, but you can sign up to try some others that look good to you! Isn't that awesome??? :)

The opacity is especially important for me, because I stamp my website on the back of cards I sell, and it just looks bad when you can see the black ink through the envelope!

I'll be using these envelopes from now on for all my handmade cards, whether it be ones I sell or ones that have lots of dimension!

Is there a kind of envelope that you've found to be great for handmade cards? Please share in the comments below - I'd love to check them out and compare! And if you found this post useful, make sure to pin it on Pinterest for future reference! (I know I always need to go back for exact links!)

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