Monday, February 25, 2013

Usually, my weekends are a time of complete rest - especially since it's been freezing for the past month, and I have no motivation to go outside. I usually stay indoors and enjoy my time scrapbooking and crafting and trying out new recipes; I love it! But this weekend was jam-packed with events for me, and that was also fun, in a very different way.

It started out with a Tiesto concert with Dan at UMass Amherst:

That was definitely a new experience to me - I'm not much of a party or clubbing person, and it was a totally different kind of scene that I don't think I'd ever be a part of. However, it was kinda fun to experience it just once, and to dance like I never have before.

Then I went to NH with a group of university students from my church for a one night "getaway." I had really considered not going because I know that it always exhausts me, and I felt like I'd have no time to catch up with my week's worth of work, but it was lots of fun. Here are some pictures to prove it:

I was really tired after getting back, but I still had some energy for scrapbooking! ;) I'll be posting the layout in a separate post, since I'll be entering it into a challenge!

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