Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm finally doing it - after seeing hundreds of posts by my favorite bloggers and seeing the tons of new products that have been developed especially for it, I'm finally going to start with Project Life. I've been listening to lots of's roundtable podcasts, and Project Life just always comes up. They had one special podcast dedicated completely to it, where Becky Higgins herself talked about it, and it just really inspired me and gave me that little push I needed to just do it. (Podcast here)

So after deciding this two days ago, I've been on a creative high, because I just want to get started! Also, those podcasts really inspire me to craft. They're pretty great. Anyway, since I have to wait for my special divided page protectors to ship, I busied myself with making som DIY cards since 1) I didn't really want to spend money on a core kit, 2) I want to use up some of the paper and supplies in my existing stash (to maybe make room for new stuff?? ;x) and 3) I think I'll enjoy the finished product a lot more, since it'll be more personalized and more like my style. Here's a picture of my desk, which two days ago was clean and spotless, after my crafting frenzy yesterday:

I might post a better picture later of some close ups of the journaling cards I made, we'll see..

So today, I was still really in a crafting mood, but decided to do a 12x12 page, because I just haven't done one in sooo long, and I really want to develop my "skills" in doing these.

I'm still definitely not at the level of freestyle, creative scrapbooking that I want to be at, and I know it's mostly because I am so pressured to make my layouts absolutely perfect all the time. I tried not to do it for this layout, and although it was hard, and there are still some things I don't like (the awkward picture in the bottom left corner), I'm glad I got it done and am moving on. (Inspiration for that mostly from this podcast.)

I'm also entering this layout into this scrapbook challenge. Basically, it's a challenge to use 3 old things from your stash to make a layout, card, mini, etc. The three old things in my layout are patterned paper, cardstock, and that leaf embellishment. I sprayed the black cardstock behind my photo with Shine Mister Huey's; I'm really loving the leaf embellishment, and I don't know why my pack of these has been forgotten about - they're great, and they work so well with any layout! I'll be sure to remember them for future layouts. The prize for this challenge is a $35 gift certificate to Chic Tags, which is super awesome!

Long day ahead tomorrow - classes from 8-6:30, and then Tiesto concert afterwards with Dan in Amherst. This means we'll be getting back around 2-3am, oh boy!! Gonna sleep now, or I'll regret it tomorrow.

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  1. Just love your layout. I'm also struggling to get into this "new age" (freestyle/creative) layouts BUT I love them - just me set in my ways!

  2. AMAZING!!! Great job in using up those supplies and congrats on the PL decision. I really, REALLY want to start PL, but I can barely keep up with my regular scrapbooking. Maybe I'll jump in next year.

  3. I wanted to let you know that you are my WINNER from the Chic Tags giveaway at WCS!! Congrats! Email me and I'll get you all the info.


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