Sunday, March 24, 2013

I've really been on fire with scrapbooking lately! I've never scrapped so much in such a short amount of time before, and I have to say, it really feels great!
Yesterday alone, I completed 3 layouts - which now means that my scrapbook only has space to hold one more layout! Eeek, time to go shopping for another album ;x

This first layout is about all the food we ate when we went on our day trip to Maine during Spring Break. Of course, there was lots of lobster eating.

I find it really challenging to work with layouts that have a lot of pictures, because the pictures take up so much space on the page that I feel like there's never room for other things I want to include.. but I tried my best :)

The next layout is from back in January, when Dan and I went out to lunch to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. It was pretty great and very delicious.

And my third layout is about one of my best friends, and her twin sister, and the time they came to Boston to visit me. This is my favorite of the three layouts, because I think I was most successful in the placement and quantity of the embellishments that I included.

All of these layouts were made with a little kit I made myself, which included 10 sheets of patterned paper, 5 sheets of cardstock, 1 large alpha sheet, 1 small alpha sheet, 1 stamp set, and 1 pack of embellishments. A lot of the supplies were from the new goodies I received this past week, which were suuuuper fun to work with!
When choosing my papers, I tried to mix in my new papers with some old ones, just so that I can use up some of my stash. I'm not too strict on sticking exactly within the kit in terms of embellishments - I did add stuff here and there from other stuff in my stash. For papers, I wanted to stay for the most part within the kit because thinking about more papers would just complicate things, but I did allow myself to use scraps from my scrap bucket if necessary, because those need to be used up anyway!
Of course, I have a lot of the "kit" left after just three layouts, so I'm going to continue working with that to see how many more layouts I can come up with. I'm really excited to see how this turns out, because it means that it'll force me to be creative to use up every last scrap of paper in the kit - so that they don't just end up in my scrap bucket like they usually do!

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