Monday, September 23, 2013

Last weekend, I turned 20. (Whaaat, I'm no longer a teenager?? How did that happen?) This life is just flying by, with the good and the bad. There are regrets that I am trying to come to peace with (in the end, it's all something to learn from), but there are absolutely moments of happiness that I thank God for.

Last year I did a recap of the year of 18, which you can find here. The blog post alone is a testimonial for how my creative style has evolved, as well as my photographing and blogging skills (thankfully!). I thought the “year in review” approach was an awesome way of reflecting back on one year at a time – lots of firsts, things that have changed, things that have stayed the same, and what I’ve taken away from it all. Big things as well as little things that I do not want to forget. And of course, the best way to document things you don’t want to forget is with pretty paper! 

So I did it all again this year. It was easier because throughout the year, I jotted down things to add to this list in the back of my notebook. Big things, little things, whatever. As long as I think it is worth remembering, it is. Which is pretty much my philosophy for most, if not all, of my scrapbooking.

Anyway, here’s the layout I made for 19:

This was very much inspired by Wilna Furstenburg, who is one of my heroes. Everything she makes and touches is just beauty. As a bonus, her life is spiritually set on God, which she even includes in her layouts from time to time. I want to be like her when I grow up. :)

19 was a good year. And 20 will be even better, I can just feel it. Here’s to all of you out there who make my life what it is. <3

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