Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I usually don't make layouts for bigger events; I tend to only want to scrapbook small, every day things or long-term reflective thoughts. I'm not really sure why, since I'm sure scrapbooking started out by documenting birthdays and Christmases and the like. I think in my head, there's a big expectation for bigger events - that it has to be worthy, or amazing, whereas for everyday things, it just happens every day anyway, so who cares if you mess up, right?

Well I figured it was about time to stop avoiding the big things, because like it or not, they are a part of life - even if only a small percentage. I recently celebrated my 20th birthday. Typically, I don't like to make a big deal out of my birthday, but this year I tried... though it still ended up being very low key. But I had a good time eating (way too much) cheesecake with friends, so I'd call that a good day worthy of documenting ;)

Keeping with my recent trend, I made an 8.5x11 layout for this event.

As you can see, I didn't stick to a certain collection or manufacturer at ALL for this layout. I pretty much dumped anything and everything I wanted to include, which I think is the way I work best. Somehow it managed to all come together, by trying to stick to a general color scheme.

A little pocket for hidden journaling here - for the happy as well as the not-so-glamorous parts of my birthday. (Just because it's your birthday doesn't mean that things always go perfectly, right? And that's totally okay!!) I've been inclined towards journaling on tags and making a simple pocket for them a lot lately. Part of it is because of the smaller 8.5x11 size, which doesn't leave as much space as a 12x12, and part of it is because sometimes you really don't want all your thoughts to be on display. So these pockets serve a double duty purpose!!

I included some die cut handmade embellishments - die cut circles misted with Gold Color Shine as well as a watercolored die cut daisy.

So there you have it! A birthday layout celebrating the day I was no longer a teenager... good things are ahead!! :D Oh, and I'll be entering it into this week's Simon Says Stamp anything goes challenge!

I though I'd also add a fun little addition to my post today. Marcy Penner has started something called Workspace Wednesday, where she shows a little glimpse into her workspace every Wednesday. Now my space is not very impressive - definitely not as beautiful as hers. I mean, I'm a college student living in an apartment in Boston, so space and excessive money for organizational supplies are not exactly luxuries I have, right (though a girl can dream..)?? But instead, I thought I'd do a fun take on it and show what I've been working on (as I've seen Kasia T. do).

So here's what has been on my desk lately: gelatos!!! I first learned about these awesome little things from Wilna Furstenburg (who is AMAZING, by the way). They're so much fun to use, but have been neglected a bit, so I've pulled them out and used them on some fun projects. Here, you can see a sneak of the card I made for my next Double Take for Sweet Stamp Shop, as well as a sneak of the card I'll be teaching you how to mass produce during the Holiday Extravaganza!!!

I hope you enjoyed my layout, and my first attempt at #workspacewednesday. Did you like seeing a glimpse of what's on my desk and what I'm working on? I'd love to hear from you if you do, and if you have any requests for what you would like to see, leave me a fun comment :)

Hope you're having a GREAT week, and see you soon!!

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  1. Fantastic layout! thanks for sharing your creative process and Thanks for joining along with Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge!


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