Thursday, December 6, 2012

Today was the last day of the semester!  It seemed like this day would never come, and yet I can't believe the semester's over already.. I guess it's always like that, though.  I somehow feel so free, though I know I still have one final, one paper, and seemingly countless projects and small tasks to finish within the next week.  Now that I think about it, I'm getting more stressed again... but I will enjoy the rest of this one night of celebration!

After my 4 hour shift at work, I quickly went home and just made cards for hours!  It was so great, since it's been almost impossible to make time for crafting the past few weeks.  I made a few Christmas cards, including these:

They're up for sale at my Etsy shop, here and here!

I've been trying to crank out as many cards as possible the last few days, because I've decided to donate some cards to the bake and craft sale at my Boston church, and have to hand them over this Sunday since I'm leaving for home next Thursday.  It all gets me so excited, because it's a way to actually use my skills and what I love to do to serve my church.  I'd never really thought about how my hobby could be used like this before, but recently I've been presented with a lot of opportunities, it seems.  
For example, another thing I've been participating in is making a scrapbook of photos and notes/letter from church members for a pastor who is leaving to preach at another other church campus.  Though I don't know him too well, I can tell that he is loved and has been an awesome servant at City Life; it feels great to be able to participate in this present for him, since I don't know him well enough to write a heartfelt note like other people did.
Tomorrow, I am planning on going grocery shopping in the morning and cooking and baking ALL day.  Our fellowship group will be coming over, and I'm excited to share yummy homemade treats with them all - another way I discovered I can use what I love to do to serve my community (who would've guessed?).  We'll be working on the scrapbook more (so more crafting for me, yippee!) and playing games together.  Unfortunately, Dan will be at an energy talk at MIT, but ah well.  I'll just have to learn to bond with other people, yes?  I think it'll be a good day.

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