Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I've been missing Venice a lot this summer.. or maybe just really really nostalgic. It's funny that when I was there, I almost wanted to leave sometimes... I mean it was beautiful and almost unreal that I was even there, but I missed Dan too much. I think about some of the things I miss most - the every day things - and I feel bad that I don't have pictures of them. I kick myself for not thinking to take a picture, or not doing so because I would feel silly. But at least if I ever go back, I'd know exactly what I'd have to document!

I pulled out some pictures I have printed, and I also got some new ones printed. I came up with one that didn't have a story connected to the specific picture, but told a lot about my experience there. Then I came up with this layout:

It's about wandering the streets of Venice, and really getting to know it that way.
I really love how this layout came out, because it's one of those "pretty" layouts that are just really fun to make. It really turned out to be a really dreamy style, which I love, but usually cannot achieve. I think the gesso and lots of butterflies helped, and actually went with the theme of "wandering" :)

Since I like how this layout came out, I'll be linking up with this month's Layout Love Linky!

Thanks for looking and I hope you like it! :D

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  1. This is stunning! I love the soft colors and all those butterflies. Beautiful work! Thanks so much for sharing it at purplemailbox.com


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